2017 Harvest Report

Oct 26, 2017

In October we sent out a call to our supplier-partners: please send us your harvest photos! The response that we’ve received has been overwhelming, and we’d like to thank the following people for culling and organizing their beautiful photos. Without them these pages could not have happened. Fabio Longano – Empson USA, Jim Silver – Anderson’s Conn Valley, Angie Bigham – Shannon Ridge, Dave Landis and Amy Fletcher – Fess Parker, Mike Rodgers – Dreyfus Ashby, Brooke Gadke – Nickel & Nickel, Stacy Bonnifield – Eberle, Ed St. John – Pedroncelli, Susanne Allen and Mayda Barajas – Vintage Point and Roots Run Deep/Educated Guess, John Niven – Niven Family Estates, Chelsea Tennyson – Dusted Valley, Jeff Von Bargen and Kim Bolander – L’Ecole, Bertrand Leulliette – Bertrand’s Wines, Drew Procaccini – Steele, Debbie Slutsky – Wines U, Colin Hough – Quady, Serena Corso – Bortolomiol, Maura McCue – Lanson, Sara Rathbun – Dry Creek Vineyards, and Richard Sanford – Alma Rosa. Don’t forget to check our social channels for more pictures!

1710_Anderson Conn Valley_harvest_todd

Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards

Merlot was looking spotty frankly, as is a lot of the Cabernet.  The heat spikes followed by cooler weeks, created somewhat undeveloped, but raisin-ed bunches.  Yields will be low as there’s not a lot of juice.  We’re lucky to be able to wait for better flavor development so long as the weather holds, which will make for a better overall wine, but the yield will most definitely be down considerably.  How much is impossible to say.  All that said, some blocks are spectacular, some less so.

Photo credit to Michael Housewright

Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards

1710_Anderson Conn Valley_harvest_merlot grapes_Michael Housewright

C.C. Ranch Cabernet for Nickel & Nickel

1710_2017 C.C. Ranch Cabernet for Nickel & Nickel

Nickel Nickel Blessing of the Grapes

1710_Nickel & Nickel Blessing of the Grapes
USA, Washington, Walla Walla. Harvest 2016:  in Dusted Valley.

The 2017 Dusted Valley harvest is underway, marking their 15th harvest in the Walla Walla Valley! So far everything is fresh, fruity and beautifully balanced with plenty of natural acidity.

Chad Johnson, Dusted Valley Co-Owner/Winegrower

USA, Washington, Walla Walla. Southwind vineyard, owned by Dusted Valley.

Domaine Marc Morey, Bertrand Leulliette

1710_Domaine Marc Morey_bertrand 2

Domaine Marc Morey Barrel Room

1710_Domaine Marc Morey_bertrand 1
1710_Drouhin_veronique with grapes

Domaine Drouhin Oregon

Veronique say Ooh La La spectacular vintage at DDO and Roserock!

Taken just now, looking at beautiful pinot noir.

1710_Eberle_harvest 1

Eberle Estate Vineyard

A nice tribute to the hard working harvest crews that make it happen every year!

1710_ Eberle Drouhin_veronique with grapes


We’re seeing smaller than average yields and the quality of fruit has never been better!



A nice tribute to the hard working harvest crews that make it happen every year!

1710_Eberle_harvest 4
1710_Eberle_harvest 3
1710_Eberle_Wine Making Crew (6 of 7)
1710_Dry Creek_harvest 1

Dry Creek

Beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon from our premier Endeavour Vineyard. Due to the fluctuations in weather, the crop is light, but full of intense flavors.

Dry Creek

Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel is harvested in cool temperatures under cloud cover to prevent premature fermentation and preserve freshness.

1710_Dry Creek_harvest 2

Dry Creek

Assistant Winemaker Brian Pruett working with Russian River Valley Pinot Noir and dry ice to prevent oxidation, premature fermentation and color extraction.

1710_Dry Creek_harvest 3


Wisdom Cabernet Sauvignon Harvest

1710_Pedroncelli_wisdom cabernet sauvignon

Niven Family Estates

Out and about in the Niven Family’s Edna Valley Estate Paragon Vineyard.

1710_Alma Rosa_harvest 3

Alma Rosa

If you drive by the winery after hours during this time of year you may notice the vineyard rows illuminated with flood lights as workers carefully harvest the years bounty throughout the night hours.

1710_Quady_harvest 3


In unison with this year’s harvest, Quady Winery is rapidly expanding to keep up with growing demand for their Electra Moscato and Vya Vermouth.


Quady Winemaker, Darin Peterson (right), and Assistant Winemaker, Cole Dennis (left), meticulously examine bunches that will make it in to the next bottling of Quady Starboard (port), Vya Sweet Vermouth and others.

1710_Quady_harvest 2

Quady Harvest

1710_Quady_harvest 1

Steele Wines 

Punch Downs of our Writer’s Block wines and Pinot Noirs

1710_Steele_harvest 2
1710_Fess Parker_Blair walking Rodney's Vineyard

Fess Parker

Blaire walking Rodney’s Vineyard

Educated Guess

1710_Educated Guess_Sangiacomo Chardonnay 4


Hand-picked fruit at our Estate Seven Hills Vineyard

1710_LEcole_harvest 2
1710_Educated Guess_Cabernet Sauvignon 2

Educated Guess

The first batch of Cabernet Sauvignon from Maple Vineyard in Calistoga.

1710_Lanson_harvest_Hervé Dantan ¬JB Delerue

Champagne Lanson

Winemaker Hervé Dantan

Champagne Lanson

1710_Lanson_harvest_Philippe Baijot et le cheval de trait ¬JB Delerue
1710_Lanson_harvest_Philippe Baijot & Hervé Dantan avec le cheval de trait ¬JB Delerue
1710_Lanson_harvest_Harvest Lanson ⌐JB Delerue

Champagne Lanson 

Clos Lanson harvest: each year employees from Lanson champagne along with their families take care of harvesting its historical vineyard located in the centre of Reims.

1710_Bortolomiol_harvest 5


Harvesting grapes for Ruggeri Prosecco on Valdobbiadene’s very steep hillsides!

1710_Zaccagnini_harvest at Zaccagnini 2





1710_Zaccagnini_harvest at Zaccagnini 1


Drone’s eye view of the 2017 harvest at Zaccagnini!

1710_Zaccagnini_VENDEMMIA 2017
Castiglione Tinella. Vendemmia Moscato 25/8/2017 photo murialdo

(b. 63)
Immagine photo Murialdo vendemmia moscato 2017  1 .jpg da Bruno host SILVIA @autore brumur

Saracco Moscato

Saracco Moscato

Castiglione Tinella. Vendemmia Moscato 25/8/2017 photo murialdo

(b. 63)
Immagine photo Murialdo vendemmia moscato 2017  5 .jpg da Bruno host SILVIA @autore brumur
1710_Saracco_Murialdo vendemmia moscato 2017 6_
Castiglione Tinella. Vendemmia Moscato 25/8/2017 photo murialdo

(b. 63)
Immagine photo Murialdo vendemmia moscato 2017  8 .jpg da Bruno host SILVIA @autore brumur
Cab Corp La Playa Hotel y Vendimia 009

Cabernet Corp

La Playa Hotel y Vendimia

1710_Speri_harvest 10


Pedemonte Valpolicella, Province of Verona. Veneto, Italy.

1710_Speri_harvest 16


In 2017 flowering was anticipated because of a pretty hot spring. That’s why in some areas of Valpolicella, there have been problems because of a frost that has in some cases also led to 50% less production. In Valpolicella Classica, where out vineyards are located, fortunately we didn’t have this problem because Lake Garda (nearby lake) kept the temperatures 2/3 degrees above zero and we were saved. The summer then was hot and rather drought, even though fortunately we had 2/3 rains that made the situation not too critical. The harvest was in advance of about 10 days but Speri had risked and waited to start picking their grapes for the first rains in September. In this way the grapes have taken on weight, freshness and acidity. In the end we will have a slightly less abundant vintage than usual (-5 / 10%) but of good quality. Our vineyards of the hill like the Sant’Urbano and the old vineyards made the difference. Surely we will have more ready-made wines but of excellent quality. Overall we expect a good year!


1710_Speri_harvest 1
1710_Speri_harvest 3
1710_Speri_harvest 5
1710_Abbazia Novacella_harvest 5

Abbazia di Novacella

in Alto Adige, Italy

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