Scotch on the Floor

Oct 24, 2016



If you’ve ever seen Richard “The Nose” Paterson the Master Distiller for The Dalmore give a presentation you know what to expect. He will fill a glass a third of the way full and then toss the Scotch out of the glass across the room and onto the floor!

Scotch is no longer that stuffy drink that your father and his father drank.

That’s right! Single malts are the next big (old) thing! Ten years ago people looked at bourbon and rye as something their elders drank as well. Now look at where the bourbon and rye market has gone. Through the roof!

The general public is becoming more and more informed on whiskies every day. When people know all there is to know about bourbon and rye they’re going to head straight to Scotch!

Before the days of people selling their car or tattooing the brand name on their neck to get to a $1200 bottle of hard to find bourbon, Scotch was king. OK, I made up the part about the neck tat, but I think you see where I’m going with this. Most restaurants and bars have the same eight single malts they’ve had for the past ten years. Not only that but they’re the same eight Scotches that the restaurant next door and across the street have as


The “Tilt yer Kilt” mix and match promotion gives you the ability to right now, with one combo, become a GREAT Scotch establishment. There are some phenomenal brands like The Dalmore, Benromach, Bunnahabhain, Deanston, Ladaig, and Compass Box that deserve to be right there next to the “Common Eight”. It’s a difference that will make a Scotch lover tell his buddies.

“You won’t believe what a great selection this place has!” It’s time to breath some new life onto the back bar.”

It’s time to bring a wider selection to more customers. It’s time, to TILT YER KILT!

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